bread that bonds

Emotional connection


Why bread?

Bread bonds

Baking has been shown to promotes Mental Health and Well-being: Our workshops are designed to promote mental health and well-being in children in harmony with their care giver.
Hands-On Learning: The hands-on nature of our workshops provides children with the opportunity to learn practical skills and build confidence.
Encouraging Creativity: The process of customising bread allows children to tap into their creativity and express themselves in a new way.
Building Community: Our workshops provide a fun and supportive environment for children to connect with parents and care givers, build relationships, and feel a sense of belonging.
Supporting Sustainable Living: By teaching families the importance of using natural ingredients and reducing food waste, we aim to encourage a more sustainable way of life. Improving Cooking Skills: Our workshops provide children with the foundational skills they need to continue making bread and other baked goods on their own at home.

Emotional literacy

By participating in a series of practical bread making sessions designed and structured over two months to help nurture healthy and positive Parent-Child relationships. You and your child will experience first hand the therapeutic qualities and fun, making a bread together can bring, hopefully leading you to maintain the momentum at home.

So by the end of our four sessions together, you will leave with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make baking a loaf of bread, together, a part of your weekly routine. Ultimately helping to increase healthy bonds and foster secure attachments. Armed with the skills to make a healthy additive free loaf together, you will be nurtured inside and out.

For me bread is the thread that has pulled me along. It is a great unifier, perfect for creating communal experiences. I am convinced there are therapeutic benefits to baking communally and especially bread.
There are the pauses whilst things prove, space to talk and share.
Basic bread techniques are skills everyone can be taught and learn, regardless of the usual, social economic barriers, and workshop can be easily adjusted, to take into account age and ability.

Marcia Harris Founder