Bread that Bonds

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Bread That Bonds

Bread Workshops for Families

We create lasting memories and encourage family bonding with our unique baking sessions.

Discover the joy of baking together.

Our expert instructors will guide you through the fun stages of bread making in a way that promotes teamwork, communication, and emotional growth. 

Embark on a delicious journey of love, learning, and togetherness, learning to make Bread that Bonds.


Not just a bread workshop

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Looking for a fun activity to do with your family? ‘Bread that Bonds’ is a series of  bread-making workshops designed to help parents develop the tools they need to strengthen their children’s social-emotional literacy

We had so much fun together, learning, mixing, getting our hands sticky... and finally the ultimate reward: a tasty loaf of bread... Maybe so because we made it with our own four hands!

Magarida and Louise attendees April 2023

Learn a new skill together

delivered in small groups

We believes that the innate qualities of bread making, such as the focus on sensory experiences, the sharing of knowledge, and the therapeutic benefits, can be harnessed to create a unique bonding experience that  promotes positive family dynamics and improves parent-child relationships. 

 Learning how to make real bread is not only a valuable life skill, but our unique planning and support allows the process to incorporate ring-fenced time away from distractions to really allow parents and children to connect connect and explore.